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Adoptable Dogs and Cats

To inquire about our adoptable animals, please email



Female / Approx. 6 years old / Blue Tick Coonhound

Dixie here! I’m a sweet girl whose good with people and dogs (though dogs tend to get annoyed by me). My good looks haven’t got me the right home yet. I do have separation anxiety, so would do best in a home with someone who is at home most of the time. I have some hound like habits, but I also tend to struggle to focus and completely forget what I was suppose to be doing! I was de-barked by my previous owner, but I still love to whisper bark. I’d consider myself HIGH energy.



Male / Approx. 2 years old / Pittie mix

Ace is a complex little man, he has many layers. I personally LOVE Ace. He’s a great dog that loves to please and learns quickly. Ace is good with dogs, needs work with cats, and loves people. HOWEVER, Ace has been adopted twice and not acted the charming way I describe him. Ace can be guardy in his home, and can be rude to cats and some dogs and strangers. I think Ace’s ideal home would be in a quiet home with a person or two to call his own. He loves vehicle rides and adores being anywhere you are. He has the shortest fur even by pitti standards, so he loves the warm indoors and will happily wear a coat or booties. He is such a happy goofy cuddly boy its hard to imagine him acting in anyway other than the sweet boy I see, BUT I have heard it more than once so when he settles in and feels he has ownership he can obviously act differently.



Female / Approx. 1 year old / Heeler mix

Dovey is a 1 year old spitfire. She loves to run bark and do all things dog. She tends to run through the world with an attitude, and can be dog selective. She does best with male dogs. She does try and be a good girl, but heelers be heelers if you know what I mean. New people make her nervous but she loves her own peeps. Dovey is a high energy girl and good news she is good with cats. She would do best in a home with another dog (male).

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