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Terra has an innate insight into dog behaviour. She helped me with my dog-aggressive, large male to be able to tolerate, and dare I say sometime enjoy having our friend's dogs over during social gatherings. She also helped explain some of the dogisms to us so that we would be able to realize that even with loads of training, he would never be happy at a dog park and we needed to respect his boundaries as well. We are so grateful that we were able to create relationships between him and the consistent dogs in his life so that they can all run around in the same yard without him reacting.

Kelli Barclay

I’ve known Terra for a number of years and have seen her both with dogs and their people. She has helped me immensely with my “high energy, high intelligence, highly defiant” (as well as an ever present unpredictable) dog, as well as helped me to learn to train and understand a multitude of other dogs I’ve had in my care. Her knowledge and instinct combined never cease to amaze me. Her passion for animals and animal care is clear in the way she handles both dogs and people. She is matter of fact, cut to the chase honest, coming from what I believe to be her deep care and intention that every dog (and their person) have the best life and relationship possible. Without exaggeration I would say that Terra is the best there is!

Andrea Lastiwka

Terra from Dog Days is heavily involved with animal rescue and I got one of my first dogs from her. Truth be told I picked a different dog and Terra told me "no, take this one" I wasn't sure but trusted her opinion.  His name was Judd and he came with a list of commands AND instructions, I was told in no uncertain terms to follow the instructions, these were based on me being a good owner to Judd.  Judd was one of the best dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting let alone own.  He was a store ambassador, he was a canine legend, got along with everyone and everything, was a loving companion and until the day he passed away his list of instructions hung on the fridge to remind everyone.  Terra may be forward in her opinion but she will always put the dog's needs first.  I have gotten my recent dog through Terra as well, so far she is amazing, too soon so tell if she's a Judd in the making but she is definitely close.  Terra has the unique ability to understand what the dog is communicating and train us humans to re-evaluate and adapt, which oddly enough tends to make both the human and the dog happy.  Word to the wise though I also got my cat from Terra, now to be fair she was less involved with the picking but that cat went on to have anxiety, a list of issues, and at one point chewed his own toe off, so I'd be less supportive of her in the cat world, but with dogs there is no one better (if this makes it on her website you know she can laugh at herself).

Shannon McCarthy

I have known Terra for about 5 years and she has helped me extensively with both my personal dogs and foster dogs. Terra is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend her expertise with dogs (and cats) in general. Terra has helped me with reactivity, anxiety, fear, proper introductions, etc. I highly recommend her training services.

Cassie Cayenne

If you could give a higher rating than five stars Terra would get it! Terra is for sure one of the BEST dog behaviouralists/trainers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As with a career of working with dogs and volunteering for dog rescues, I have met so many "so-called" trainers. Terra for sure the most knowledgeable and experienced with all types of dogs and issues. I have seen her work with aggressive, shut down, shy and you’re happy go lucky family dog. Terra knows how to teach your dog how to become the best dog it can be! Plus she trains the owners on how to be the best people for the dog. With Terra's knowledge and experience, you know that she will give both you and your dog the training experience that will make you and your dog amazing partners. Plus ask her any question about dogs and she’ll get it right:) She is truly an amazing lady which the dogs seem to know and pick up on. You will not be disappointed with going with Terra from Dog Days Consulting!

Susanne Drachmann

We got our 2 dogs through Terra, she was able to help us pick the missing pieces to our family! Zeke (adopted 2017) is the most loving, smart, well-behaved boy and we could not imagine our lives without him and all of his snuggles. The long standing joke had always been that Terra would never be able to find another dog as good as Zeke for our family and then along came Abby! We adopted Abby in November 2020, while she is a sassy little thing and full of attitude she makes up for it with love! Abby is our tri-pawed protector, her bark is much bigger (and constant) than her bite, nub-rubs are her favourite, and she is very able-bodied; you would never know she was missing a leg with the amount of energy she has! We will absolutely go back to Terra for any and all pets we get in the future. She is a great person and so very knowledgeable and passionate in her work!

Haili Valin

I have had to call on Terra several times when trying to integrate a new dog into the home where an older dog was not receptive. I was impressed with ability to clearly communicate the problems and resolutions, she didn’t weigh heavily on the issues that may have been more human caused but worked with all of us on fixing the issues. She took the time to understand the family dynamic and pet dynamic as clearly not every family has the same relationship/needs from every dog.  It was a wonderful learning experience for us all, we had homework to fix the issues and thankfully everyone is happily getting along.

Melinda MacDonnell

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